Update 2

I’m just getting used to this place, so do excuse the absence of writings/poems/photos. I’m currently trying to upload some photos on photobucket.com from my second motorcycling trip – New Delhi-Devprayag-Lansdowne-New Delhi. And … DAGNABBIT !!! The net is slow !! 😦 . The current update reads 47/224.

So to update you guys a bit more, I love travelling. I’ve got a Royal Enfield Thunderbird (8+ yrs), nicknamed it Gabbar Singh aka Gabbar(after you-know-who 😛 ). I began my hill trips this year. Been on three successful trips so far. Twice to Munsiyari and once to Devprayag-Lansdowne. A modest ballpark is 3000+ kms. I’ve been fortunate to discover Dhaulachhina,Munsiyari, Deo  Rada (Dyorana on Google), bit of Kausani, Kaladhungi, Devprayag, Rishikesh, Tilawal Gaon (?), Lansdowne, Kotdwara, Ganai Gangoli, Almora, Sariyatal and Ghatgar, besides a host of other lovely pockets in the hills of Uttarakhand. Details of tales I’ll keep for another day. And believe you me, I ain’t done yet. No sirree. I am gunning to get back to Munsiyari again next year for longer haul. It’s got plenty to discover. And it is quite a challenging ride. Deadly too if you’re not alert. Besides ‘biking’, I’d love to go camping, so that again is a motivation.

I would love to take you folks to all my journeys, through this blog/real time. Plans for 2014-15:

1. A possible collaborated trip to the Satpuli area from my Devprayag trip. (Dec 2014) aka “Rambo” Nala for now.

2. Munsiyari 3 (2015)

3. Delhi-Puh/Kaza Khas-Delhi. (2015/16)

4. 2 Camping-biking trips to Rambo Nala. (2015)


If  circumstances permit, I’ll do a Munsiyari 4 and a new destination too. And believe me when I tell you, my photos will never do justice to the amount of beauty that these places will offer you.


I begin by scouting the routes on Google, making an Excel trip plan, get Gabbar serviced and then go off ! Again, as I said I’ll bring you details another time (by Dec 14th).

So Long people, CULF

Loadsa’ Love,


P.S. 61/224


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