10. Moat

As rising steam of anger floats, murkily over the mist-shrouded moat,

some questions in it mysteriously bubble, like poisonous tentacles seeking trouble,

Off some crevices secrets leak, farming the mind of answers we seek


Sunk in the moat, too trapped in hidden weeds, shadows beckon in the depths beneath,

sight is blurred, yet the heart beats, calling to the love singed in anger’s seethe,

bejewelled swords o’death tantalize, silent deaths bereft of rewards to bequeath,

war-horns gurgle in watery tenors; victims wait by their graves, shorn off grief


No lie greater than one told to self, No death greater than the self plunged in Hell,

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Life has no tragedy like a man not born,

Bones once buried by tales of terror, warily surface – weary yet braver


Jostled up walls of baseless lies, stand guard as cometh breaching tides,

wave after wave after wave after wave, crash hard onto the wall of lies,

weakened and shaken by every blow, yet corruptly bound it refuses to bow,

moat hurled questions dent the fort, yet no answers beyond… a gloat


Twisting like serpents the questions remain, fired to attack the deceitful walls again,

the walls of deceit, hides answers and deeds, to questions which the water in moat seeks,


Efforts are being devotedly made to hide the reasons –

Where Happiness has gone, why Life is lost and why no Love remains?



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