11. Unclaimed Ashes Remain

Come and take over the empty house,

without you my Life’s an Ocean of Draught,

stunned with hammered void I’m filled,

what is this place of silence I’ve built?


Darkness returns when night is due,

my hauntings return when I think of you,

the harvest of regret, from my hands they bred,

enriching the hoarse wails of torment, while my heart bled


Discouraged and diminished, so dim-eyed, holding the card to my life denied,

O Time-Keeper, take two words back, instead in my void fill those moments we lack,

to see you walk through bright flowered fields under the bridge the rainbow wields,

to hold you just once again… And wish there’s where time’d stop and died


My ship sails off Port Sillies, to the fog of violent lilies,

the journey through my turbulence, is held by your memories still in vibrance,

Life’s educations invites me ashore, I cast a glance searching for the smile you wore


All worlds end then mine begin, an empire of crevices with burnt memories crumbled in,

so numbed that I feel no pain, the grandeur of plight over which I reign,

an empire too vast for me to contain, splashed and splattered

                                                                  unclaimed my heart’s ashes remain



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