In Eyes Dreams These

Somewhere in shadows gentle,
breaths soft whisper murmur,
of dreams secret buried away,
paths some desolate some fascinate,
by vistas thus, all to it lead

Sprout where wings, quietness fly,
dales bloom happy, none ever cry,
moments allowed to rich tapestry weave
time where frequent goes on leave
honest weather wares true ply

The sullied-defiled, grow sanct adored,
blades withdrawn, power fountains galore,
tell of rift alien, each bonded to core,
gaiety paramount, waves atop shimmer-grin,
swirling pirouettes, embraced by smiling shores

No cold where teases,
in blankets, each warm in ease,
sparkling twinkle where children all,
woodlands peaceful, hopes standing tall,
hiding, somewhere in eyes dreams these



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