My Oasis

Throbbing gentle, dwelling in my heart deep,
appearing-disappearing, in smiles, in weeps,
like cascading wines flow a memory of times,
in corridors of abyss, a hope I vainly seek,
yet in shackles held, emotions towards deliverance creeps

A subtle caress soft in your presence I feel,
most determined yet swing wonky my resolves steel,
in a journey harsh, brief soothing glances of you I steal,
these teasing of wounds, I silent pray they heal

Within great jungles of pending work,
each pause, a yearning fearful lurks,
hidden emotions they twinkling stir,
connections weird blip unknown somehow,
in distraught trapped, where is this Now

Untamed your breath gentle in my heart sings,
sparkling alive, your thoughts gifting bring,
my universe sizzles, as your laughter echoing rings,
a mirage unfortunate, you are my oasis I think



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