Sounds Familiar?

I trust you to be late, as here foot-tapping I wait,
Ay! Such a torturous fate, at times I ponder contemplate,
it’s so silly, yet in you I place my faith

Clouds trample my skies; on and off,
yet waiting for the moon – ooh – so soft,
do hurry, you delay oft enough,
you’re oomphy even in smock ‘n’ scruff

Girl, you test me once too much,
ought I not smack thee bottom as such,
there giggling you stand, you pretty doll,
lets you and I finally go for that stroll

Just those moments serene like dessert sweet,
in your eyes a melody, me, singing greets,
bereft but a touch due, the moments complete,
And Oh good grief!! So important that you answer that Tweet!!

They can be mean, at times petty too,
they’ll roast your heart, on a spit, over bonfire new,
yet in their own li’l ways they do,
make you feel like the king Midas of Honolulu



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