We Are

We are as great as we are small,
a completion evolving from elements all,
in rest belittled, in deeds enterprising to be tall

We are as further as we are near,
burning in the chalice of hatred, rotting in the malice of fear,
in twilight oasis meander dreams, mostly love dear

Defiant as in pain we are, brave as in loss we are,
smiling we die each moment each day,
a quest for freedom happy, we self stone-walling lay

A creature wrought rough, styled in agonized scruff,
a bridge cantankerous sways, on path ahead tough,
arsing off fall we fall, yet rise again for `tis ain’t enough

Wood gathered is laid; a sonata of efforts resonates underway,
as sweat pools slides, thoughts despair as chaotic tides,
gazes hunt search, definition to continue play

Mostly afire, seeking in crowd abandoned fire,
the hope in dark cold caves perseverance desire,
in search we walk all times exhausted tired

We are as one as we are all,
at distances great, even from the heart’s call,
how pitiless, pitied, pitiful we march,
in distractions still journey forward, for a bit resolute we are



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