Magic of Initiative

A story several months (maybe over a year) old. I was at a railway inquiry queue. In my part of town cutting the line is norm. Infact so is breaking the simple rules and regulations.

Being a bit old school,mostly doesn’t help still that’s me, I chose to stand in the line. It took me like, maybe, 10-15 minutes to get to counter. A young fellow was looking to cut the line. I merely politely advised him to get in queue, assuring him it doesn’t take much time. The lady, a government employee, behind the counter quite appreciated my effort. She remarked, “That’s a proper thing you did. If only there were more people like you” (though she gave him a earful 😦 ). I never expected her remark, least of the appreciation.

The second most maligned in India, have got to be the government officials. Ooh! The amount of apprehensions and distrust they can give birth to. I’ve never been there again. Probably  I’ll never know her, ever. But in that one moment, I received a lot. Nothing money could’ve/would’ve ever done for me. I learnt I can take an initiative. I can be brave enough to state what’s correct without fear or even without any appreciation. I can do the right thing. And maybe the lady’s appreciation validated my initiative.

I’m glad I was able to share something positive with 2 different people, on different levels though. One good turn begets another.

Just take an initiative. You never know what may magically happen. 🙂

Peace to All, Indraneel

I’d like to give credit where it’s due. Dedicating this to Janice Wald and Elle Knowles, for sparking the recollection.


2 thoughts on “Magic of Initiative

  1. So glad to have planted that ‘spark! 😉 Like I said earlier, I may not be able to hold in those words if all that cutting was the norm. Sometimes when I have no spark to write I start reading through the blogs I follow and like magic a light bulb goes off! It was just around the corner all the time. ~Elle

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