A reply dated 8.5.2015.

Hi to both Christian and Roweeee,

This is a reply to a  reply on Christian Mihai’s post ‘Too far apart’ dated 12/5/2014 by Roweeee.

There are two sides of a coin. And both are true. @Christian – there is hope 🙂 . @Roweeee – the hope needs a lot of nourishment, which in my humble opinion needs to be at the core of every community.

A common debate with friends at home, is that how much are we willing to invest of ‘ourselves’ into it? With a galaxy of pain and misery that trots on earth, expedited frequently by media, a little step can still be taken by anyone. I’m yet to see/hear about a good deed going viral. If one is able to just overtake the blocks of ego and jealously and take pride in any honest individual effort, it could just start something new. A person with limited exposure develops a useful tool/machine, which helps many.. that kind of news/info/update needs to be shared and endorsed.

The tragedy of cricketer Phil Hughes did showcase a wonderful strength that is not lost within a community. We do not leave our own behind. This example needs to be multiplied, not only during a tragedy, but also and much more during the varied periods of turbulence. It is easy to allow negativity an abode within our being. It is difficult to build and sustain a positive disposition in the face of such at-home negativity. As is famously said, “Rome was not built in a day.” When tolerance replaces pride, our individual Romes will come home.

How difficult is it to take that one precious moment to thank a good turn however insignificant, to admit a mistake no matter how negligible, to defend what feels right to one’s heart however fearsome/intimidating the consequences may seem. How difficult? It’ll take the same preparation as applying for a new job. 🙂

Is it too hard to give a minute or two to reveal our goodness. One sees a withering plant, which could do with a bit of care. Walk over, water the plant, talk to it. Why won’t it improve? You see an empty beer-can/ gum wrapper that you did not throw. How and why should it demean you to just pick it up and put it in the bin?  The other person’s mess has become yours as soon as you’re conscious of it. We become equally guilty when we choose inaction. Make an attempt. Don’t worry about the results. You probably won’t see any the first time. Maybe not even the next hundred times. But I believe in this age of the virtual eye, someone will see and take note. Don’t do it for recognition or reward. Do the right thing because it’s right. Do. Maybe that’s what drives the commercial ad-world. They don’t stop or give up. They continue, believing that their efforts ‘will’ bear results.

Faith comes to fore during the really trying hours. It can just as easily come when a downslide begins. How hard is it to tell a friend that you are genuinely concerned about his/her drinking habits? How hard is it to stop and pick up the fallen stranger? These are only a few questions. I’m not the one asking them. To everyone, look around you. These questions in their own variance surround you. You have the super-powers to remedy a few of them. With great power comes great responsibility. Even the popular fantasy tale of Harry Potter tells one and all, the old magic of Love was something The Dark Lord Voldemort couldn’t fight against. We all have the love and goodness within ourselves. We should not be embarassed to let it show. Personal experience tells me that once I overcome that feeling of ‘possible’ embarassment and reach out I will enjoy the true rewards.

To share an incident – I once carried a stray pup across a main road. I did rebuke it bit, as it could’ve been hit. True there were amused onlookers. True again, it never feels grand to look stupid. But then, you will know once you find your courage and cross your bridge, it doesn’t really matter what another thinks/remarks about your actions. Both doer and the observer have the intelligence to understand if the act is right/wrong. You have the power to choose.

I am not clear on the origins of the following, but I’d like to conclude with the saying – Be the change you want to see. (I’m positive it’ll bear results if followed honestly)

Peace to all,

Indraneel 🙂


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