A Fun Movie Review @ Motographillus: Phantom Part 3

The Rally

[It’s a fun review.  The author’s PJs and humour are not intended at hurting anyone’s sentiments. My apologies if it does. Enjoy. :)]

Khalid, Daniyal and Nawaz reach Hariz’s rally. Umvi’s doctor reaches the jail carrying a lethal dose packed by Bibi. As she’s winding up at the doctor’s office, a young (lab) assistant arrival startles her. He discovers a curios second medicine pack for Umvi’s dosage (which arrives only once a month). His innocent queries agitate Bibi who leaves the clinic, citing that she is unwell. The assistant judiciously rifles through the bills to locate the receipt for the second pack. Smelling one vial, he realises “Yo this ain’t medication!”. He frantically attempts calling the doctor, to prevent administration of the lethal dose.

At the rally Daniyal, grumbling, clears security checks and mingles through the crowd to reach a specific range to effect successful detonation.


[Two inputs:
  1. The range may recede owing to battery drainage.
  2. Nothing, but nothing, must come between the bomb and the R/C remote’s signal
from Inputs to Detonation


At Umvi’s jail, the doctor urgently rushes to Umvi (in great pain) and ignores the call!! Irked by the constant calls on the doctor’s phone, a guard at the jail-entrance answers it chiding the caller. The assistant implores that the doctor is stopped from administering the lethal dose. The guard’s slow a slow motion sprint to prevent the mishap fails. “The dose just got administered, Slow-poke”= Hasta la vista Umvi. ISI learns about the incident and dispatches soldiers to evacuate Hariz.

Just as Daniyal is about to detonate the microphone bomb, a security van {totally ignorant of the input (a) from Inputs to Detonation} intercepts blocking the signal. Daniyal hastily jostles to create a new angle  to send the radio signal for ka-booming and… Succeeds in causing the explosion!! Well just that, Hariz is escorted away before getting ka-boomed. A chaos breaks out, amidst which Greater Good’s Daniyal forcibly gets into a patrol truck and pursues the convoy transporting Hariz. There’s a “Get that man! He took our toy… patrol car!!” issued to other patrol units.

[ Psst..Supposedly production considered adding diapers, prams and a Wah. But a sincere belief is that some sinister person/persons edited all that. Bad bad Pudy-Cat. ]


Nawaz meanwhile attempts contacting Bibi, who sits huddled apprehensively and doesn’t answer the phone. Security forces reach her residence and break down the door.

{During this process, I was totally hoping she gets out unscathed.}

But alas, the security forces (aptly portrayed as scum-bags) barge in and find her. Upon being questioned why she committed the act, Bibi answers “For Pakistan” and shoots herself. Nawaz sadly learns about this and appears shattered (so was I).

After a car chase through alley-ways Daniyal rams into Hariz’s car with great force, sending it into a tumble. He alights and gets to Hariz’s upturned vehicle and locates Hariz. To a question Hariz had asked in the rally (“What does India want?”), he answers, “India wants justice*”. Gunning the terrorist dead, he escapes, as Hariz’s car explodes. He reaches Khalid’s car and the trio flee. ISI gets updated on the events and issues orders for all routes to be sealed.

{*EDITS AGAIN: Choicest Indian expletives were edited out for censorship requisites. Someone wished Mommy was still heading the Censor Board. Remember Omkara?}

At the RAW office, plans are being made help him escape via the sea. Roy informs the Home Minister about Daniyal and Hariz Sayyed’s assassination. The Home Minister, issues a media statement that declining India’s involvement in the deaths of the terrorists. Roy then informs the Minister that Daniyal is going to surrender leading to an off-screen communication to the PM, who authorises the naval assistance.

(Also off-screen, Roy’s Whatsapp message to the Home Minister – LMAO :P)


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