How to Get Loyal Visitors to Repeatedly Return to Your Blog

This is really help. I’m no authority, but I have a feeling one tends to miss that which lies right in front one’s eyes. A thumbs up from me.


Successful bloggers follow these tips There are certain criteria for blogging success

Confusing, isn’t it?

On one hand, you hear there is no right way to blog.

On the other hand, you have people like me telling you that there is a right way to blog.

Instead of taking my word for it, let’s look at successful bloggers and see what criteria for successful blogging they are following that make their blogs successful.

After all, if they can follow simple criteria to have thousands of loyal followers, so can you.

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Update 2

I’m just getting used to this place, so do excuse the absence of writings/poems/photos. I’m currently trying to upload some photos on from my second motorcycling trip – New Delhi-Devprayag-Lansdowne-New Delhi. And … DAGNABBIT !!! The net is slow !! 😦 . The current update reads 47/224.

So to update you guys a bit more, I love travelling. I’ve got a Royal Enfield Thunderbird (8+ yrs), nicknamed it Gabbar Singh aka Gabbar(after you-know-who 😛 ). I began my hill trips this year. Been on three successful trips so far. Twice to Munsiyari and once to Devprayag-Lansdowne. A modest ballpark is 3000+ kms. I’ve been fortunate to discover Dhaulachhina,Munsiyari, Deo  Rada (Dyorana on Google), bit of Kausani, Kaladhungi, Devprayag, Rishikesh, Tilawal Gaon (?), Lansdowne, Kotdwara, Ganai Gangoli, Almora, Sariyatal and Ghatgar, besides a host of other lovely pockets in the hills of Uttarakhand. Details of tales I’ll keep for another day. And believe you me, I ain’t done yet. No sirree. I am gunning to get back to Munsiyari again next year for longer haul. It’s got plenty to discover. And it is quite a challenging ride. Deadly too if you’re not alert. Besides ‘biking’, I’d love to go camping, so that again is a motivation.

I would love to take you folks to all my journeys, through this blog/real time. Plans for 2014-15:

1. A possible collaborated trip to the Satpuli area from my Devprayag trip. (Dec 2014) aka “Rambo” Nala for now.

2. Munsiyari 3 (2015)

3. Delhi-Puh/Kaza Khas-Delhi. (2015/16)

4. 2 Camping-biking trips to Rambo Nala. (2015)


If  circumstances permit, I’ll do a Munsiyari 4 and a new destination too. And believe me when I tell you, my photos will never do justice to the amount of beauty that these places will offer you.


I begin by scouting the routes on Google, making an Excel trip plan, get Gabbar serviced and then go off ! Again, as I said I’ll bring you details another time (by Dec 14th).

So Long people, CULF

Loadsa’ Love,


P.S. 61/224

Hi !

It’s great to be here.. Finally ! 😀

A brief on what to expect:

I’ll be treating you to writing, poetry, possibly some arts and illustrations (in a few months) and variety of thoughts and subjects. What I bring to you is my individual perspective. And yes, do feel FREE to express your genuine feedback. CULF* 🙂

Loadsa’ Love to All


* Catch U Later Folks