Clouds in play funnel into forms,

a world t’is new with some ol’ norms,

cluster of society a village built around,

where rivers below rough, glide sharp wound


Bobbing, weaving, sliding drawn lines,

pencil then colours thus a picture bind,

lie tunnels locked in the depths of mind,

curious unearthing reveals creative-a-mine


Imageries dance movements animate,

scarce soul-kissing songs, hum soft reverberate,

to misty dreams beckon open gates,

in moments frozen a journey awaits


Floats a roar, echoes deep-a-call,

through razor terrains, where raining words fall,

Be known. No more unknown fall.

Motographillus smiles, warmly welcomes all



A humble dedication to all visitors to


Sounds Familiar?

I trust you to be late, as here foot-tapping I wait,
Ay! Such a torturous fate, at times I ponder contemplate,
it’s so silly, yet in you I place my faith

Clouds trample my skies; on and off,
yet waiting for the moon – ooh – so soft,
do hurry, you delay oft enough,
you’re oomphy even in smock ‘n’ scruff

Girl, you test me once too much,
ought I not smack thee bottom as such,
there giggling you stand, you pretty doll,
lets you and I finally go for that stroll

Just those moments serene like dessert sweet,
in your eyes a melody, me, singing greets,
bereft but a touch due, the moments complete,
And Oh good grief!! So important that you answer that Tweet!!

They can be mean, at times petty too,
they’ll roast your heart, on a spit, over bonfire new,
yet in their own li’l ways they do,
make you feel like the king Midas of Honolulu


As Hope Sank

Fallen feathers, bubbles and tears,
offered earnest in a bowl clear,
to an abandonment, shrinking-dwindling of fear

A carnival lost, non sought its need,
wrestling oceans of time; at furious speeds,
water like senses, in loss weary bleed

Shone hope where only a visible tinge,
lay darkness harrow, to fangs in sink,
the air about choking, to then scythe ‘n’ singe

In the dazzle of fair, flicker lay lost,
preyed upon, nefariously `twas accost,
to maze escape, wondered flicker the cost

An abandonment of endless grind,
a greying horizon, appearing unkind,
deep in elusive valleys of mind,
Path of Truth offered to aid way find


In Eyes Dreams These

Somewhere in shadows gentle,
breaths soft whisper murmur,
of dreams secret buried away,
paths some desolate some fascinate,
by vistas thus, all to it lead

Sprout where wings, quietness fly,
dales bloom happy, none ever cry,
moments allowed to rich tapestry weave
time where frequent goes on leave
honest weather wares true ply

The sullied-defiled, grow sanct adored,
blades withdrawn, power fountains galore,
tell of rift alien, each bonded to core,
gaiety paramount, waves atop shimmer-grin,
swirling pirouettes, embraced by smiling shores

No cold where teases,
in blankets, each warm in ease,
sparkling twinkle where children all,
woodlands peaceful, hopes standing tall,
hiding, somewhere in eyes dreams these


My Oasis

Throbbing gentle, dwelling in my heart deep,
appearing-disappearing, in smiles, in weeps,
like cascading wines flow a memory of times,
in corridors of abyss, a hope I vainly seek,
yet in shackles held, emotions towards deliverance creeps

A subtle caress soft in your presence I feel,
most determined yet swing wonky my resolves steel,
in a journey harsh, brief soothing glances of you I steal,
these teasing of wounds, I silent pray they heal

Within great jungles of pending work,
each pause, a yearning fearful lurks,
hidden emotions they twinkling stir,
connections weird blip unknown somehow,
in distraught trapped, where is this Now

Untamed your breath gentle in my heart sings,
sparkling alive, your thoughts gifting bring,
my universe sizzles, as your laughter echoing rings,
a mirage unfortunate, you are my oasis I think


We Are

We are as great as we are small,
a completion evolving from elements all,
in rest belittled, in deeds enterprising to be tall

We are as further as we are near,
burning in the chalice of hatred, rotting in the malice of fear,
in twilight oasis meander dreams, mostly love dear

Defiant as in pain we are, brave as in loss we are,
smiling we die each moment each day,
a quest for freedom happy, we self stone-walling lay

A creature wrought rough, styled in agonized scruff,
a bridge cantankerous sways, on path ahead tough,
arsing off fall we fall, yet rise again for `tis ain’t enough

Wood gathered is laid; a sonata of efforts resonates underway,
as sweat pools slides, thoughts despair as chaotic tides,
gazes hunt search, definition to continue play

Mostly afire, seeking in crowd abandoned fire,
the hope in dark cold caves perseverance desire,
in search we walk all times exhausted tired

We are as one as we are all,
at distances great, even from the heart’s call,
how pitiless, pitied, pitiful we march,
in distractions still journey forward, for a bit resolute we are


125. Monarch

Beams creak in light sway,
shorn of cover, fears allayed,
gentle snug of mist embraced,
murmuring whispers, awaiting to be slay

Shoulders strong, many batterings bore,
flowers beauteous air once wore,
weather beastly into the bliss tore,
a monster transformed; night came. Came gore.

Head held, crown bejewelled,
now matted mop akin,
courts syllogistic, once a-swell,
now muddy bottom, vacant a well

Sheen faded, blisters dot the remains,
had only if off preen refrained,
from self-servitude only if abstained,

Monarch! Today you’d be un-pained.