Clouds in play funnel into forms,

a world t’is new with some ol’ norms,

cluster of society a village built around,

where rivers below rough, glide sharp wound


Bobbing, weaving, sliding drawn lines,

pencil then colours thus a picture bind,

lie tunnels locked in the depths of mind,

curious unearthing reveals creative-a-mine


Imageries dance movements animate,

scarce soul-kissing songs, hum soft reverberate,

to misty dreams beckon open gates,

in moments frozen a journey awaits


Floats a roar, echoes deep-a-call,

through razor terrains, where raining words fall,

Be known. No more unknown fall.

Motographillus smiles, warmly welcomes all



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A Fun Movie Review @ Motographillus: Phantom Part 4


The Ooh ! Ah! Ouch!

[It’s a fun review.  The author’s PJs and humour are not intended at hurting anyone’s sentiments. My apologies if it does. Enjoy. :)]

Daniyal receives instructions to head to Karachi, where another RAW asset will help them escape. Nawaz feigns pregnancy (ain’t it easy?) and helps evade a security check. The Ooh: They’re stopped (yes, again) at a desolate check-post at night (Yo! Are you telling me there is SO much discipline??? Uh-umm…Note-to-self: It’s a Bollywood movie, silly boy). Having switched number plates, their car can’t be identified (Ah!) . The policemen inquire about their destination and request for one of their men to be dropped off. As the policeman is about to climb into the Suzuki Gypsy, the original number plate is discovered (Ouch!) leading to a shootout. Nawaz and Daniyal effectively overpower and secure the handful. Khalid tragically has been shot dead.

The duo reaches the Karachi port and locates their contact. As they sail towards international waters, to an awaiting Indian naval vessel, a Pakistani warship patrolling the waters halts them. A search follows but, duo hidden underwater, aren’t found. Several rounds are fired (intuitively?) into the sea. The undercover agent kicks a life saving buoy into the water, as the Pakistani navy men order the craft back to the port.

The Indian navy sets to turn back as the GPS seems to heading back to the port. RAW officer Samit implores them to get there and rescue Daniyal. As the navy has been strictly instructed not to venture in Pakistan’s territorial waters, the officer in charge declines. Samit’s patriotic vitriolic, leads all the navy men to do some soul-searching.

Daniyal and Nawaz resurface and grab the buoy. Nawaz jokes that they’d better swim to Mumbai for the promised cup of tea. Daniyal requests her to have one for him too, then releases the buoy. Mortally wounded, he drowns. Nawaz dives after him unsuccessfully to try and rescue him. Aggrieved she gets back to the buoy. In a few moments a submarine surfaces. Samit climbs out and spots her. He understands that Daniyal is dead and executes an emotional posthumous salute. Nawaz is rescued and received honourably by the Navy.

A navy boat drops off Nawaz near the Taj Hotel, Mumbai. A crowd has gathered to celebrate the killings of the 26/11 perpetrators. A chaiwallah (tea-vendor), offers Nawaz a free cup of tea. He explains his son was a waiter in Taj who’d been killed during the terror attack and he was feeling vindicated today. Hence, he’d be giving free tea to all. Nawaz requests for another cup, to keep her promise to the dying Daniyal.



A Fun Movie Review @ Motographillus: Phantom Part 2

Dear Diary: Syria and Pakistan

[It’s a fun review.  The author’s PJs and humour are not intended at hurting anyone’s sentiments. My apologies if it does. Enjoy. :)]

A plane lands in Beirut. At a water-side bistro, Daniyal cajoles Nawaz to allow him to join up and hunt LeT (Lashkar-e-Toiba) terrorists operating in the Syrian conflict. Playing peek-a-boo with the Pakistani embassy in London, he’s contacted in his phone booth by ISI after the Pakistani High Commissioner denies affiliations with LeT. Unsuspecting ISI keen on learning about Mir’s mysterious death, cooperate with Daniyal. They try inviting him to Afghanistan. He declines. Cites ‘Too many Indian agents buzzing around’. He suggests Syria. They agree. ISI have nothing to lose and if required Daniyal’s dispensed as a conflict zone casualty.

Reaching Syria, Daniyal is snapped up and interrogated by LeT operatives. A video of the interrogation, where he begs for a chance to take revenge against India for disgracing him, is taken. An erupting skirmish obstructs signals, preventing the video from reaching ISI. Nawaz and security troops help rescue Daniyal, who pursues the fellow trying to send the video and kills him. Not before his name and double-cross is exposed.

Furious, ISI retaliates by eliminating an Indian diplomat. Modus operandi? The same as Mir’s death – gas explosion. Daniyal narrates of the unfortunate army incident which gets him wrongly tainted. Nawaz helps him enter Pakistani under an assumed identity. ISI is relentlessly hunts to identify Daniyal. RAW gets Daniyal hooked up with a local asset, a small restaurant owner – Khalid. Interactions between Khalid and his helper Shehzade Shehzad infuse minor comic relief. The latter persistently requests for a loan to wed his beloved.

As ISI obtains an early photograph of Daniyal, Daniyal scrutinizes Hariz Sayyed’s speech videos, notices a common link and plots Hariz’s assassination during his next rally. Another target – LeT co-founder Sabahudin Umvi, is lodged in a jail, but is living in the lap of luxury, even having fathered two children. The only way through to him is via his doctor, unfortunately a staunch LeT loyalist. Probing further they learn about the doctor’s nurse, Bibi.

Bibi, mother of a slain LeT militant, is bitter at the loss of her son and hates LeT. She shuns them when they’d come to offer condolences and provide a compensation (a sum assured to the families of deceased terrorists). Nawaz persuades her and many entreaties post, Bibi agrees to help.

{Sincerely, people, Bibi’s is the best and most endearing performance of the lot.}

Daniyal arranges for Shehzad’s marriage. Behind this gesture (to which Shehzad erupts joyous) lies a hidden agenda… arranging the means for Hariz’s death. Later, Daniyal and Nawaz decide to celebrate a successful mission by having tea at the Taj Hotel with chocolate pastries.

A Fun Movie Review @ Motographillus: Phantom Part 1

A ‘Munich’ like plot, where a disgraced army-man Daniyal Khan (Saif Ali Khan) seeks to avenge the tragedy of 26/11 terrorist attacks. The popular concept of Indian cinema where the hero (protagonist) is by default the superman was kept intact. Saif Ali Khan looked leaner than he did in Agent Vinod. In both he’s portrayed roles of an undercover R.A.W. agent.

[It’s a fun review. The author’s PJs and humour are not intended at hurting anyone’s sentiments. My apologies if it does. Enjoy. :)]

Daniyal Khan resides in a secluded mountain house till R.A.W. contacts him to undertake a mission to eliminate 26/11 perpetrators. Nawaz Mistry (Katrina Kaif), a reluctant ally, who aides him through London, American prisons, Syrian combat zones eventually to Pakistan for the ultimate leg of the mission. Urdu replaces Hindi, yet still oozes expected emotional efficacy, which has perennially seeped into and found acceptance in the psyche of the Indian cine audience. A chequered mix of tragedies and successes leads to a victory of the greater good.


The plot begins with the staged road rage death of an U.S. national. Six months prior a militant is apprehended attempting to cross into India. Interrogation reveals little, which prompts a meeting between R.A.W. chief, Roy (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty) and his subordinates. Enthusiastic young R.A.W. officer Samit passionately proposes a mission similar to daring UBL (Usama bin-Laden) take down in Abbotabad. Roy dismisses it instantly.

He’s later shown to be reminiscing his meeting with the Home Minister, who dismisses the same proposal brusquely. Like any defiant junior keen on rebellion, Roy (with a screw-the-boss view) goes ahead and unofficially flags the mission involving the same core group is and swears them into secrecy. “Not even the pet dog is privy to this.” Roy warns.

Greater Good ki Jai Ho, Greater Good Zindabad (Hail the Greater Good).

After much research they zero in on Daniyal Khan. After multiple persuasive attempts, (including one of Daniyal firing at them, to shoo them off) Roy steps in and churns the frigid soldier’s soul. Daniyal’s father, a retired colonel, has ex-communicated him for bringing dishonour. Daniyal eventually agrees to undertake the mission. The mission is simple: “Kill 26/11 perpetrators. Let ISI know it’s us but be unable to pin it on us”. He’s briefed and put through to a contact. Nawaz Mistry.

Nawaz, an ex-R.A.W. agent now informant, is employed with a security firm called Blackwater. Though she chides Daniyal, she does divulge answers to his cheeky queries. They are after the first target Sajid Mir; Nawaz is still in the dark about Daniyal’s objectives. Mir is identified due his peculiar smoking habits and style of greeting. Daniyal breaks into Mir’s apartment. Discovered by one of Mir’s men, a fight ensues. Daniyal wins and rigs the place for a gas explosion. He forces Mistry to gain proximity for a thorough verification of Mir. Mir lighting Nawaz’s cigarette, lights one for himself. Entering his house with a lit ciggie he gets ka-boomed.

Pretty Mistry collars deadly Daniyal and gives him an earful. She does not approve. Even though it’s for Greater Good. Next stop – U.S.A.

Daniyal (in the guise of Jude Rosario) is convicted and put in the same jail as David Coleman Headley. Befriending a stuttering desi jail-bird, he gets a job as the bathroom janitor. Same bathroom where soap-smelling Headley bathes. He puts a call through to Nawaz requesting for $100 to buy a music player. She checks out his location and learns that David Headley’s there too! Reluctantly, she wires $200 through to Daniyal.

Daniyal creatively smuggles a poison (which clogs all the pores) in the music player’s battery and installs it in Headley’s favourite shower. The Last Bath of soap-smelling Headley by Daniyal Khan.

A Warm Hello to All

A warm hello to everybody 🙂 !!

It’s wonderful to be back. I have missed being here. I regret my absence for the last few months. You may observe some minor changes. I wish to inform everyone that my earlier url is now changed to Still working on tweaking a few things, but rest assured I’m going to be visible more regularly. Lets look forward to resuming where we left off. Stronger than ever.

On a personal note, I wish to express my deepest appreciation to all who dropped in during the last few months. It was really moving to see people still visiting. I’ll be very happy to address any queries any one has(should there be any).

Love and Peace to all 🙂


An Invitation to All: Share your story on Good-Deeds

An Invitation to All: Share your story on Good-Deeds

Dear friends,I invite everyone to come forward and share any story which you feel is a good deed done. Please don’t feel shy or hesitate. If you want to share, I welcome you to do so. Let it be long, let it be 10 words. If you feel, it needs to be heard but have reservations, I invite you to share it. Please don’t feel embarassed. Please don’t think you are being vain. You are only sharing. It may actually help someone somewhere.

Indraneel 🙂

via An Invitation to All: Share your story on Good-Deeds.

A reply dated 8.5.2015.

Hi to both Christian and Roweeee,

This is a reply to a  reply on Christian Mihai’s post ‘Too far apart’ dated 12/5/2014 by Roweeee.

There are two sides of a coin. And both are true. @Christian – there is hope 🙂 . @Roweeee – the hope needs a lot of nourishment, which in my humble opinion needs to be at the core of every community.

A common debate with friends at home, is that how much are we willing to invest of ‘ourselves’ into it? With a galaxy of pain and misery that trots on earth, expedited frequently by media, a little step can still be taken by anyone. I’m yet to see/hear about a good deed going viral. If one is able to just overtake the blocks of ego and jealously and take pride in any honest individual effort, it could just start something new. A person with limited exposure develops a useful tool/machine, which helps many.. that kind of news/info/update needs to be shared and endorsed.

The tragedy of cricketer Phil Hughes did showcase a wonderful strength that is not lost within a community. We do not leave our own behind. This example needs to be multiplied, not only during a tragedy, but also and much more during the varied periods of turbulence. It is easy to allow negativity an abode within our being. It is difficult to build and sustain a positive disposition in the face of such at-home negativity. As is famously said, “Rome was not built in a day.” When tolerance replaces pride, our individual Romes will come home.

How difficult is it to take that one precious moment to thank a good turn however insignificant, to admit a mistake no matter how negligible, to defend what feels right to one’s heart however fearsome/intimidating the consequences may seem. How difficult? It’ll take the same preparation as applying for a new job. 🙂

Is it too hard to give a minute or two to reveal our goodness. One sees a withering plant, which could do with a bit of care. Walk over, water the plant, talk to it. Why won’t it improve? You see an empty beer-can/ gum wrapper that you did not throw. How and why should it demean you to just pick it up and put it in the bin?  The other person’s mess has become yours as soon as you’re conscious of it. We become equally guilty when we choose inaction. Make an attempt. Don’t worry about the results. You probably won’t see any the first time. Maybe not even the next hundred times. But I believe in this age of the virtual eye, someone will see and take note. Don’t do it for recognition or reward. Do the right thing because it’s right. Do. Maybe that’s what drives the commercial ad-world. They don’t stop or give up. They continue, believing that their efforts ‘will’ bear results.

Faith comes to fore during the really trying hours. It can just as easily come when a downslide begins. How hard is it to tell a friend that you are genuinely concerned about his/her drinking habits? How hard is it to stop and pick up the fallen stranger? These are only a few questions. I’m not the one asking them. To everyone, look around you. These questions in their own variance surround you. You have the super-powers to remedy a few of them. With great power comes great responsibility. Even the popular fantasy tale of Harry Potter tells one and all, the old magic of Love was something The Dark Lord Voldemort couldn’t fight against. We all have the love and goodness within ourselves. We should not be embarassed to let it show. Personal experience tells me that once I overcome that feeling of ‘possible’ embarassment and reach out I will enjoy the true rewards.

To share an incident – I once carried a stray pup across a main road. I did rebuke it bit, as it could’ve been hit. True there were amused onlookers. True again, it never feels grand to look stupid. But then, you will know once you find your courage and cross your bridge, it doesn’t really matter what another thinks/remarks about your actions. Both doer and the observer have the intelligence to understand if the act is right/wrong. You have the power to choose.

I am not clear on the origins of the following, but I’d like to conclude with the saying – Be the change you want to see. (I’m positive it’ll bear results if followed honestly)

Peace to all,

Indraneel 🙂